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Our team at the Hyperbaric Health & Wellness Foundation is composed of dedicated and highly trained professionals who specialize in Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). Each team member brings a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to patient care, ensuring that every individual who comes through our doors receives the highest quality of service. Our staff is not only skilled in the latest HBOT techniques but also in providing a compassionate and supportive environment, helping patients feel at ease and confident in their treatment.

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With nearly a decade of experience in clerical and managerial roles, our former executive assistant is a cornerstone of our office team. Her extensive background equips her with the expertise needed to handle a wide range of administrative challenges. More than just skilled, she brings a delightful mix of wit and charm to our workplace, infusing energy and a positive spirit into our daily operations. Her presence not only enhances productivity but also enriches our office culture, making it a more vibrant and engaging place to work.
Mark, a Certified Hyperbaric Chamber Technician, serves as the Acting Chief Technician at Hyperbarics of Sun Valley since 2019. He brings a rich background as a Military Veteran with over 24 years of active-duty service, piloting helicopters for the U.S. Coast Guard and the Royal Navy. Mark also possesses over a decade of sport scuba diving expertise and is a certified PADI Dive Master. A longtime affiliate of the Wood River Valley community since 1987, Mark has been a permanent resident there since 2014.
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Phil, a Navy-trained deep-sea diver and certified hyperbaric technician, has been profoundly shaped by his military and civilian diving experiences. After completing the U.S. Navy’s Scuba School in 1983 and its Second Class Dive School in 1985, he served as a certified deep-sea diver with the 294th Dive Detachment. With over 11 years in chamber and dive operations, Phil also excels as a civilian Master Diver and Commercial Diver. Additionally, he is a certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), has over two decades of service with the Fire Department, and instructs in Swift Water Rescue. Residing in Hailey, Idaho with his family, Phil has dedicated over seven years to studying hyperbaric medicine.
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Holly holds an AS in Liberal Arts with an emphasis in Social Work from the College of Southern Idaho and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Northcentral University. She has completed the Skills for Success Program and maintains a Habilitation Interventionist certificate and current CPR certification. With an upbringing in natural medicines and healing, her community involvement includes teaching and fundraising for The Advocates, working with challenged adults and kids at Oakland County Mental Health, and contributing at Swiftsure Ranch. Her interests in exploring Idaho’s hot springs, hiking, gardening, and natural health reflect her passion for nature and helping others.


Don Mathern, owner of Idaho Insurance Specialists, began his career in Montana in 1969. After working for American Fidelity and Marsh McLennan, he founded Idaho Insurance Specialists in 1989, expanding with a Hailey office in 1996. Don represents many carriers in Idaho and has received accolades like District 3 Agent of the Year with Regence Blue Shield and Emerald Level status with Blue Cross. Specializing in Medicare Products, Long Term Care, Dental, and Life insurance, he helps clients annually to ensure their plans fit their needs. Don is a two-time past President of the Idaho Association of Health Underwriters and a recipient of the David Isern Award. Residing in Boise since 1985, Don enjoys white water rafting, volunteering at the Maximum Security Prison, and life with his wife Brooks, their three children, and six grandchildren. He graduated from Montana State University in 1969.

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